Photo of the Day – Hidden Paradise


Tucked and hidden in the middle of New York, this place do exist. Take a stroll in Central Park and you will see this hidden gem. It’s a quiet place where you can sit and relax or let your mind wander off.


Photo of the Day – Your Adventure, Your Choice

Stop blaming other people of the choices you make in life. Yes, they may have a great influence on which one you choose but at the end of the day it is all up to YOU. If you make a choice, stick to it and focus. The only way to make you unhappy is thinking that the other side is greener.

Life is an adventure, different choices gives you different adventures. It’s all up to YOU.

Photo of the Day – Sit and Ignore

I was at the Grand Central Station trying to find a spot to take a photo of the place. After a few clicks, I noticed that a lady was sitting on the steps and there’s a huge sign saying not to sit on the stairways. She could be ignoring it on purpose or she is too wrapped up with her thoughts and worries that she didn’t notice stuff around her.

Do you have moments like this?

Photo of the Day – Pumpkin Time

It’s the time of the year again when pumpkins are in high demand. Families go to the nearest farm to buy the plumpest and prettiest pumpkin that they can find. The pumpkin is carved and turned into a jack-o’-lantern which is then displayed outside the house. It is best viewed at night when the candle inside the jack-o’-lantern is lit.