Photo of the Day – Tia Shines

This photo was taken on one of the beaches scattered around Coron. The boat was supposed to stop for just an hour but we decided to stay and wait for the sunset. While waiting for the sunset, my friend Tia was standing in front of me and she appears to glow from the sun’s rays. This is the photo I took of her. This photo reminds me of angels that come into our lives. They glow and just shine their personality on us that they leave such an impression. Thank you to all the angels that crossed my path. I am truly blessed to meet such wonderful people.


Photo of the Day – Sun Setting

I love bus rides. But what makes me sad is knowing that I am riding on the bus and I am missing a beautiful sunset. I was on a bus traveling from Saigon to Phnom Penh when I saw the sun setting and I could see it! I got excited and I waited for the right moment to capture the colors. At one point I was worried because I couldn’t see the sun anymore. Thankfully, there was a curve on the road and it gave me the vantage point to take this picture. The color seems so soft and gives a dramatic effect. Thanks to the bus window tint that served as my filter (hehe).

Photo of the Day – Sunset at Lake Sebu

This photo was taken during my trip to Lake Sebu in South Cotabato. The lake is abundant with tilapia which is a fresh water fish and is the main source of income for people living in towns near the lake. People travel by boat carved out from the trunk of a tree (as seen on the photo) and it doesn’t capsize even if they sit on the edge of the boat. Amazing, huh?

Photo of the Day – New York at Dusk

Ah, New York. It is a place where a LOT of people want to visit and yes it is true, it’s a city that doesn’t sleep. New York is a melting pot of cultures and is referred to as the cultural capital of the world. This photo was taken on the rooftop of Rockefeller Tower as the sun was setting. The place looks pretty with the city lights coming alive as the sky turns to pink. Believe it or not, I used a point and shoot camera to take this picture. 🙂