Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Camdodian Sunset

It was my first time to visit Cambodia and the tour guide on the boat suggested to watch the sunset on the floating restaurant at the floating village. I, together with the other tourists, waited for the sunset on the viewing deck while sipping beer. I was surprise at how big the sun looks on the sky. I was even more surprise when the huge sun was setting in the middle of the sky! Whoa! Talk about surprises! 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons


Ohio DSC_0145

Summer heat fizzles. Green leaves turn brown. Leaves fall. Temperature drops. Raindrops turn to snow. Snow melts and temperature rise. Flower blooms and leaves appear. These are the things that marks the changing of the seasons. The photo above shows the sun setting and illuminating the leafless trees scattered around the park. I stopped to take this photo to remind me of how amazing our world is and how lucky we are to witness miracles like the changing seasons.

Photo of the Day – Dusk

To photographers, dusk and dawn are referred to as the time of magic. It is the time when everything ordinary looks magical because of the changing colors of the sky. In that short span of time, the naked eye can see different shades of color from yellow to pink to purple. The photo above was taken at dusk when the sun was hidden partially by the clouds and mountains. After a few minutes, the sky turned dark but the magic of sunset still lingers in my mind and in my heart.

Photo Of The Day – Luang Prabang Sunset

I arrived late in the afternoon in Luang Prabang and just in time to catch the sunset. They said the best place to catch the sunset is at Phousi Hill but I wouldn’t have enough time to climb up and take a photo. It was a bummer so I decided to go to the river instead and get a beer. To my utter delight, I was able to see the sunset from the shores of the Mekong River! I hurriedly went down the steps and took photos by the river. It was the sweetest surprise and a memory that will stay with me forever.

Photo of the Day – Jersey Sunset

This photo was taken while being stuck in traffic. Long drives give you the chance to enjoy the scenery especially if you’re driving on the country side and get stuck in traffic. Seeing this sunset with the light breaking through the clouds makes me appreciate the little things and the beauty that surrounds us.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Happy. It is the one thing that everybody wants to achieve. It is something that I also want in my life – to be happy. These are the stuff that makes me happy – photography, traveling, exploring new places and cultures, food, the beach, flowers and soda or cola. Using the new gallery format, here are my photos for this challenge. Enjoy!