Photo of the Day: Kathmandu Sunrise


Sunrise Kathmandu

My first ever sunrise in Nepal. I went to the rooftop of the guesthouse to get this breathtaking view while happily observing locals doing their morning ritual of prayers and blessings.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Renewal is a process of renewing, of making something new, of restoring the vigor or simply to begin again. Everyday, we are given several chances to correct mistakes or errors that we made. If you can correct it, great! But if you can’t, then learn from that mistake. As the sun rises to a brand new day, always remember that life has given you another chance to live and fulfill your dreams.

Photo of the Day – Black and Yellow

I was wandering around the city of Phnom Penh early in the morning. I was trying to squeeze in a bit of an exploration before heading to Siem Reap. The tuktuk driver went around some of the famous spots of the city. I asked the tuktuk to stop by the bay and took this photo of the sunrise. The decorative lamp post looks mysterious with the glowing sun shining behind it.

Photo of the day – Stop and Enjoy

This photo was taken at Washington, DC as the sun was rising and flashing different shades of pink and yellow on the sky. The guy on the photo was busy taking pictures but suddenly stopped and just enjoyed the view with a smile on his face. Sometimes, we are too obsessed of capturing the moment and the perfect picture that we tend to forget to enjoy the beauty that we see right before our very eyes.

My Sahara Desert Experience

Sahara Desert is the second largest desert in the world and it occupies 10% of Mama Africa. My curiosity of this magical place started when I was a kid and I hear the song Sahara Nights by F.R. David. It was only before my trip to the desert that I listened and read the lyrics again. Ah! Indeed, the lyrics got me excited and ready to explore the desert!

To get to Sahara Desert, we went to a village in Morocco named Merzouga which is located at the edge of the desert and is the starting point of the treks.

My ride for the trek.

We got there just in time for the sunset camel trek. Our tour guide dropped us off to meet our camel trek guide Mohammed. Mohammed helped me put my turban on and no, it’s not just something to wear to think that this is authentic Sahara Desert ride. The turban is used to protect the wearer from wind, the dust and the heat from the sun. Well ok, for me it is to show that I am riding a camel on the desert with the native garb (hey, it’s part of the fun). So I have the turban on and I am also wearing a mauve kaftan and now I am ready to do the camel trek! We are now riding the camel (on my bucket list – done! yehey!!)

My camel and the trek guide Mohammed.

One last shot!

Ready to start the trek.

It was a bit windy so we were advised to wear our shades to protect our eyes from the dust. We started the trek. I was getting worried that we won’t get to see the sunset because the clouds are gray a storm is about to start. Uh oh, the wind is getting stronger and the sand is flying everywhere – SANDSTORM!!!! My first time on the desert and I experienced a sandstorm! Cool!!!!! 🙂 Some sand got into my eye and I need to remove my contacts because it’s getting itchy. We had to stop and huddle under the carpet. I removed my contacts and wore my glasses instead. Thanks to Mohammed for helping me remove the sand in my eyes.

The clouds were a bit gloomy and it was a bit windy. Quite nice actually.

The wind is getting stronger and the horizon is getting blurry.

After awhile, the wind slowed down and we continued our trek. Then the storm started again. We continued for a few minutes and my sister finally asked Mohammed to call our tour guide to come pick us up with the 4×4. The visibility was very poor and the sandstorm continued. No sunset today. Bummer.

Our knight in 4×4 arrived hehe. (sandstorm ongoing)

One last picture before escaping the sandstorm

We went to the bivouac and waited for the storm to die down. It was still windy up until dinner time and the sky is still cloudy. We didn’t have a bonfire because it was still windy. Instead, G’naui music was played on the terrace. I was too tired to party. I went to sleep early because we will do another camel trek this time to watch the sunrise.

G’naui music at the bivouac.

Early morning trek to catch the sunrise.

We woke up at around 430am. We started the camel trek at 500am. There was a cool breeze but the sky is clear. We trekked for 30 minutes and went on foot on top of one of the dunes. Mohammed spread the carpet and we sat waiting for the sunrise.

Enjoying the sunrise.

Camel trek on the desert.

After a few minutes, the sun was peaking on the horizon. The colors of the sky changed every few minutes. We sat there taking pictures and enjoying the scenery. Then out in a distance, I saw another group doing a camel trek. Luckily, I was able to capture an image of them doing the trek and the sunrise in the background, yey!

Getting ready for the trek back to the bivouac. Mohammed smiling while I took his picture.

On our way back to the bivouac.

The Sahara Desert.

All in all, it was a fun experience. I missed the sunset (now I have a reason to come back!) but I did get to experience my first ever sandstorm. Do you also want to go visit the Sahara? Do comment on this post! 🙂