Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

phonto (1)

Something inside me changes every time I travel. A new experience makes me appreciate life’s beauty and I feel so lucky given the chance to experience a new culture. The curiosity in me is satisfied when I learn about the history of the place and how the people coped up with the challenges thrown their way. We may come from different countries, different religions, different beliefs and cultures but we are all the same in a way – trying to find that one thing that makes our world a better place.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

It is interesting to see different shapes and patterns around us. It makes things aesthetically beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. When I travel, I like looking at different geometrical shapes and patterns and I plan out how to capture the image in my camera. This photo was taken while walking around at night in Singapore.

Photo of the Day – Little India

Little India is an interesting part of Singapore. Here, one can see Hindu temples, numerous authentic Indian restaurants and souvenir stores. It is interesting to note that a lot of Indian people still wear the sari (the women) in their everyday lives and not just on special occasions. If you get a chance to visit Singapore, do drop by Little India and you will be amaze with all the things you can find here, especially the food. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Marina Bay Pool

The Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands offers guests a great swim and a wonderful view. Located at the topmost floor, one can view the skyline of Singapore and appreciate the stunning architecture of the city. On the photo above, a couple is enjoying each other’s company while relaxing by the pool.

Photo of the Day – Clarke Quay At Night

Clarke Quay is located at the center of Singapore along the Singapore River and Boat Quay. Historically, this area was the center of business and trade. Today, it houses various restaurants and entertainment centers. The place comes alive at night but despite all of that, this couple was able to find a quiet place to enjoy each other’s company.

Photo of the Day – Merlion At Night


The Merlion is a famous symbol of Singapore and it represents the country’s origin as a fishing village. It comes from two words, ‘mer’ which means sea and lion was taken from the old name of Singapore – Singapura which means lion city. The Merlion Park is a well-known tourist icon and its hard to take a photo without somebody’s head blocking the view. I was lucky to visit the park late at night when there were less tourist in the vicinity.

Photo of the Day – Saying A Little Prayer

Exploring the streets of Singapore, I came across this temple with colorful and intricate designs. I stopped to admire the place when I noticed a man sitting silently in one corner with his head slightly bowed. I looked at him more closely and noticed that he was actually praying. I walked around the temple taking photos and he continued to pray without opening his eyes. This was the last shot I took before leaving the temple. I do hope his prayers will be answered.