Photo of the Day – Curious Boy

I was riding the bus and trying to take a picture of the curvy road ahead when this curious little boy peeked out and looked my way. He was a bit shy but did a peek-a-boo game with me. His curiosity was captured on this shot just as he was peeking again.


Photo of the Day – Sahara Smile

This is the photo that will always remind me of the Sahara Desert. Mohammed (his pictures appear on my previous post – My Sahara Desert Experience) is our camel trek guide and he always greets us with a smile on his face. He makes sure that we are comfortable and enjoys our stay on the desert. He has been a camel guide for quite a while now but his family is still living a nomadic life. He is from a desert-dwelling tribe called the Bedouins. His family lives in a tent and transfers from one area to another, depending on the weather conditions. He visits his family when he’s got a long break from working. I asked him how will he know where his family is currently located on the desert? and he said, “It’s easy. I can find them.” I guess it’s true when they say – “Home is where the heart is”.