Photo of the Day: Sadhu

Sadhu is a Sanskrit word meaning good man or holy man. They dedicate their life to their spiritual practice by meditation and contemplation. They live a rugged life with a detachment from common luxuries which deters many from following such a path.


Photo of the Day – Rissani Man

This is Hisham. He works as a tour guide in Rissani, Morocco. The souks in Rissani are full of action every Thursday because it is their market day and people come to sell their goods like spices and goats. This was taken during our tour around the kasbah where some of the Berber families live. As we were going through one of the alleyways, the natural light from the sun was able to give this dramatic effect when he was explaining about the history of the place.

Photo of the Day – Sahara Smile

This is the photo that will always remind me of the Sahara Desert. Mohammed (his pictures appear on my previous post – My Sahara Desert Experience) is our camel trek guide and he always greets us with a smile on his face. He makes sure that we are comfortable and enjoys our stay on the desert. He has been a camel guide for quite a while now but his family is still living a nomadic life. He is from a desert-dwelling tribe called the Bedouins. His family lives in a tent and transfers from one area to another, depending on the weather conditions. He visits his family when he’s got a long break from working. I asked him how will he know where his family is currently located on the desert? and he said, “It’s easy. I can find them.” I guess it’s true when they say – “Home is where the heart is”.