Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

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Something inside me changes every time I travel. A new experience makes me appreciate life’s beauty and I feel so lucky given the chance to experience a new culture. The curiosity in me is satisfied when I learn about the history of the place and how the people coped up with the challenges thrown their way. We may come from different countries, different religions, different beliefs and cultures but we are all the same in a way – trying to find that one thing that makes our world a better place.


Photo of the Day – Nomadic Life

Nomads have no fixed houses and they move from place to place according to the season.  They move to search for food, water and grazing land for the cattle. The Sahara Desert nomads live in a tent made out of thick wool to protect themselves from the heat of the sun, the sand and the wind. They may live in a tent and move around but there’s no place like home. And home, for the nomads, is the Sahara Desert.

Photo of the Day – Donkey Parking

During market day in Rissani, people come from different places to either buy or sell some goods like vegetables, spices or animals. Most of the people come riding a donkey, a horse or vehicles. It was pretty neat to see a Donkey Parking Space at the market that I couldn’t help myself and took a picture of it. A curious donkey was looking at me while I was taking this shot. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Sunset at Volubilis

Volubilis is a well-preserved Roman ruins located near Meknes in Morocco and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was once an important colonial town during the Roman period and even served as the capital during the Idrisid dynasty. This shot was taken as the sun was setting and making a beautiful backdrop of the ruins.

Photo of the Day – Rissani Man

This is Hisham. He works as a tour guide in Rissani, Morocco. The souks in Rissani are full of action every Thursday because it is their market day and people come to sell their goods like spices and goats. This was taken during our tour around the kasbah where some of the Berber families live. As we were going through one of the alleyways, the natural light from the sun was able to give this dramatic effect when he was explaining about the history of the place.