Photo of the Day – Bloom

A flower bloom is a sign of hope, of new beginning and of renewed life. It is a sign that we are given another chance, a clean slate, to start a chapter. Forget the past mistakes and failures but never forget the lessons learned. Everybody is given the chance to rise every time we fall. But it is your choice to stay on the ground or when to rise from the fall. You are the master of your destiny. Don’t ever forget that.


Photo of the Day – Teamwork

‘There’s no I in team’ is a saying reminding us that we live in a world where we deal with people all the time. You either hate them all or learn to live with them. Teamwork fosters a peaceful environment by having good relationships. It’s learning to live with people you don’t like but you need to deal with them everyday of your life. As another saying goes, ‘No man is an island.’

Photo Of The Day – Luang Prabang Sunset

I arrived late in the afternoon in Luang Prabang and just in time to catch the sunset. They said the best place to catch the sunset is at Phousi Hill but I wouldn’t have enough time to climb up and take a photo. It was a bummer so I decided to go to the river instead and get a beer. To my utter delight, I was able to see the sunset from the shores of the Mekong River! I hurriedly went down the steps and took photos by the river. It was the sweetest surprise and a memory that will stay with me forever.

Photo of the Day – Wandering Wondering

I was walking around taking photos of the Plain of Jars when I saw this man wandering around and taking pictures too. He stopped at some jars and takes a peek. I bet he was wondering what the jars were for and if the historians are right with their hypothesis. When you wander around, you can’t help but also wonder about things that you see.