Patan – The City of Arts


Patan is one of the major cities found in the Kathmandu Valley. It is also known as Lalitpur which means the city of arts. It is one of the numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites found in Nepal. Before exploring Patan, my tour guide Dinesh and I went to have lunch. The restaurant has a wonderful panoramic view of Patan Durbar Square as shown in the photo above.

After having a hearty meal of chicken biryani, we were ready to explore Patan. The first thing I noticed is the picturesque Chyasing Deval a temple dedicated to Krishna. The colour and the shape is very unique compared to the other structures in the area.

We went inside the Mul Chowk otherwise known as the Royal Courtyard. The beams of the building are decorated intricately with different carvings.

We went out the courtyard and continued to walk further and saw the Vishnu Temple. It’s not as huge as the other temples but it also has a unique design.

In front of the Vishnu Temple is the statue of King Malla facing the Royal palace worshipping the goddess Taleju.

Then I saw the Krishna Temple (click to see another view of this temple on a previous post) with a kneeling statue of Garuda in front of it. This is the first temple built in Shikhara style and is made entirely of stone and is the only temple in Nepal with 21 golden pinnacles and scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata are engraved in its interior.

It’s such a beautiful place with a lot of history! It is one of the must visit places in Nepal as this is considered as the oldest of all three cities of Kathmandu valley.


I booked my tour with Alpine Club of Himalaya. Thanks to Sujan for all the help and for allowing me to personalise my tour.