Photo of the Day – Happy New Year!


May the new year bring more love, happiness, blessings and travel adventures to each and every one of us. May you follow your heart’s desire and the passion that lights up your soul. Happy New Year!


Photo of the Day – 45 Years


My parents just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. The photo above is the cake I bought for the party. It’s amazing how they were able to keep the love alive and to stay together no matter what the circumstance is. I adore my mom for being such a strong person to stay in the relationship. I hope someday I will be able to find the guy who will stay with me until I die.

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

The year 2012 was pretty exciting for me. I was able to finish my master’s degree, find work abroad and still get to squeeze in a bit of travel time. I had fun reminiscing on all the things that happened in my life for the past 12 months and choosing the pictures that best represent each month.

Here’s my 2012 in pictures. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate


Delicate. Something that requires careful handling. It can also be marked by daintiness of color, lines, or proportions. A flower is something that comes to my mind when the word delicate is mentioned. The photo above shows a picture of a water lily growing in a pond. It shows how delicate and stunning it looks against the backdrop of leaves and water in the pond.



12.12.12 This will be the last day of my entire life when the day, month and year are the same. I chose to post this photo for today to thank the universe for the opportunity to travel and to attract more travel opportunities. 😊 I have been thinking about my travel plans for 2013 and I am still in a limbo where to go. Not that I can’t think of a place to go but because there are a lot of places to explore! I hope the universe will conspire with me and make my travel dreams come true! ❤

Daily Prompt: Roam If You Want To

Aboard a train.

When I was young, I have always wanted to travel but thinks that you need to have loads of money to able to do so. I did get a chance to travel every now and then but not as often as I wanted. It all changed when I discovered airlines offering promos for a discounted price. There was no stopping anymore!

Planning out what I will do for the rest of the day.

“Roam if you want to.” is a line from the song Roam by B-52. Whenever I want to travel or about to travel, this song plays in my mind and I would have a silly grin on my face. This line reminds that if you really want to then you can do it. You don’t need loads of cash to travel, you just need to do a bit of research in order to save on money and get the best deal. It’s the way I roll. 🙂

Off to exlplore Fez

I travel with family and friends but most of the time I travel solo. It is scary at first but you can take baby steps like going to a familiar destination by yourself. On my first solo trip, I went to an unfamiliar place. Brave you might say but not as quite. A friend of mine met me for dinner and it really eases out the fear of exploring the unfamiliar. Once your confidence level is up, then you can take bigger steps! 🙂

Daily Prompt: This is your song

Weekly Writing Challenge: The Day I Decided To Quit

I used to work in a BPO company for six years before I decided to quit. It was not an easy decision to make because I enjoyed my job. We provide services to a number of US companies and serve either as the customer care, billing or technical support department. I loved my job because I am given a chance to help people and make them happy. Pressure and stress are both much present in the job but when you are motivated, you get by and you are able to cope. But something has to give. I wasn’t happy anymore and the stress is taking its toll on my body. It took me awhile before I finally decided to quit because I didn’t want to get out of my comfort zone. But I did quit and I felt relieved and scared at the same time. Relieved that I won’t be suffering anymore and Scared of the unknown future ahead.

Then I began to explore my options, I could apply to another BPO company or change my career. I decided to do the latter. I decided to continue my pursuit to get a second degree. It took some time and I was beginning to get impatient. But I have to stay focused on my goal. I was extremely happy that I was able to finish my second degree and get my license as an educator.

I am currently working as a teacher and I am glad I made the decision to quit my previous job. It is true what they say that if you love what you do, you don’t have to work a single day of your life. I urge you to find your passion and to follow your dreams. It may seem scary at first but it is all worth it in the end. ♥