Photo of the Day – Dusk

To photographers, dusk and dawn are referred to as the time of magic. It is the time when everything ordinary looks magical because of the changing colors of the sky. In that short span of time, the naked eye can see different shades of color from yellow to pink to purple. The photo above was taken at dusk when the sun was hidden partially by the clouds and mountains. After a few minutes, the sky turned dark but the magic of sunset still lingers in my mind and in my heart.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Solitary. A state of being alone. Alone. Alone but not lonely. Traveling solo is not lonely. It gives you the freedom to change your itinerary anytime you want. It gives you time to reflect about your life and the decisions you made or about to make. This photo is the perfect picture of traveling solo. This was taken while on a boat to Calaguas Island. It was an early morning ride and the waves rock the boat gently as we traveled. I saw this boat at a distance and I had to use a zoom lens in order to capture the moment it crosses the sun’s reflection on the water.