Photo of the Day – Sky Lantern

Sky lanterns, also called as Chinese lanterns, are special because it goes airborne when the flame from a candle heats up the air inside the candle. In Thailand, it is used for celebrations and special occasions and is believed to bring good luck to release a sky lantern. A family lights a sky lantern while on vacation in Koh Samui. You wont see the mom because she was busy taking pictures of her family. A time spent with family is a great reason to celebrate and will forever be remembered.


Photo of the Day – Coron, Palawan

This photo was taken on one of the islands in Coron, Palawan. I was on an island hopping tour and this is one of the stops. We were lucky because our boat was the first one to get to the island and we were able to enjoy peace and solitude for about 30 minutes. Then, other tourists began to arrive and frolic on the beach. I was lucky to get this picture of a guy walking on the beach alone. This photo shows what I feel when I travel – I am alone but I am not sad. I am one with nature. One with the world.