Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons


Ohio DSC_0145

Summer heat fizzles. Green leaves turn brown. Leaves fall. Temperature drops. Raindrops turn to snow. Snow melts and temperature rise. Flower blooms and leaves appear. These are the things that marks the changing of the seasons. The photo above shows the sun setting and illuminating the leafless trees scattered around the park. I stopped to take this photo to remind me of how amazing our world is and how lucky we are to witness miracles like the changing seasons.


Photo of the Day – Fall Colors

Fall. The magical time when you see the leaves change into different colors. Just like the people we meet in life, they make it interesting. Some are there to teach you a lesson, others are there to help you learn the lesson and others are there to brighten your life. Be thankful for all the people who came into your life. They made you YOU.

Photo of the Day – The Trail We Travel

People travel everyday of their lives. Travel means to go from one place to another. Everyday, people go from their houses to school or the office or to the coffee shop and the list goes on. Most would think that travel only means if one goes abroad or to a place that is miles away from home. The difference? MINDSET. Since one goes from home to office five times a week (or more!), people tend to overlook the details that one see along the journey. The focus is to get to the destination on time. But when traveling abroad or to a new place, the tendency is to enjoy ALL the sights along the way and absorb as much experience as one can remember. As the saying goes – “It’s all about the journey, not the destination” – it means to live the moment and enjoy even the simplest of things. Try it. It makes a whole lot of difference.