Photo of the Day – Merlion At Night


The Merlion is a famous symbol of Singapore and it represents the country’s origin as a fishing village. It comes from two words, ‘mer’ which means sea and lion was taken from the old name of Singapore – Singapura which means lion city. The Merlion Park is a well-known tourist icon and its hard to take a photo without somebody’s head blocking the view. I was lucky to visit the park late at night when there were less tourist in the vicinity.


Photo of the Day – Saying A Little Prayer

Exploring the streets of Singapore, I came across this temple with colorful and intricate designs. I stopped to admire the place when I noticed a man sitting silently in one corner with his head slightly bowed. I looked at him more closely and noticed that he was actually praying. I walked around the temple taking photos and he continued to pray without opening his eyes. This was the last shot I took before leaving the temple. I do hope his prayers will be answered.