Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


I have always loved sunsets and how it changes colors. The kid was playing along the shore of the beach, trying to catch some baby crab. I took this photo just as the sun was setting and the kid pulled the line up. This photo reminds me to always try your best no matter what because you will never know what opportunities will arise from the situation.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

People are fascinated with things that are big and larger than life. Sometimes it makes you feel so small but at the same time it amazes you just like this waterfalls. The mighty roar of the waterfalls break the silence of the forest and the mist coming from it adds mystery to the place. The sight of the majestic waterfalls draws you to come nearer and feel the spray of water on your face as you walk by the edges of the water. Breathtaking, isn’t it?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Happy. It is the one thing that everybody wants to achieve. It is something that I also want in my life – to be happy. These are the stuff that makes me happy – photography, traveling, exploring new places and cultures, food, the beach, flowers and soda or cola. Using the new gallery format, here are my photos for this challenge. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

When I go out to travel and freeze the moment in my camera, it is all for me. It’s mine. All mine. The exhilaration I feel when I see a wonderful opportunity to capture a photo and the excitement I feel when I get to see and experience a new place – these are all MINE. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to share what’s mine. It is exactly the reason why I started this blog – to share my travel experience through photographs that tell a LOT of stories. I do hope you guys are enjoying my posts and maybe also encourage you all to travel and see the world. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Solitary. A state of being alone. Alone. Alone but not lonely. Traveling solo is not lonely. It gives you the freedom to change your itinerary anytime you want. It gives you time to reflect about your life and the decisions you made or about to make. This photo is the perfect picture of traveling solo. This was taken while on a boat to Calaguas Island. It was an early morning ride and the waves rock the boat gently as we traveled. I saw this boat at a distance and I had to use a zoom lens in order to capture the moment it crosses the sun’s reflection on the water.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

This was taken on the trail to Osmeña Peak in Cebu. It is home to several vegetable farms which one can pass by when trekking from Osmeña Peak to Badian proper. The view is impressive and people are living the simple life – no electricity, no motorbikes or cars can pass through the trail. The only option is to walk. When they need to transport things, they put it in a basket which they carry on their head. This is what they do everyday.