Capture the Color Contest

Traveling is something I do to enrich my soul, explore the world and experience different cultures. Taking photos while traveling is a way to freeze and capture the moment of such a wonderful experience. Thank you to Michel for telling me about this contest.

This is my passion that I intend to do until I grow old and encourage people to travel go out of their comfort zones to experience life on the other side of the world. These are the colors as they were captured through my lens.


Floating Village: Student on her way home during lunch break

This was a photo taken during my visit to the Tonlé Sap Lake in Cambodia. I was on a boat  cruising around the Floating Village when this little girl caught my attention. She was wearing her school uniform and was rowing the boat in the middle of the day. She’s on her lunch break and with a lolly in her mouth, she gave me this cute smile. 🙂


I was chilling out on the beach in Koh Samui when the sky was just losing the yellows, pinks and violets. All that was left is the blue sky turning into different shades. Out of nowhere, this old boat with a red sail appeared going to the pier. It stands so picturesque amidst the blue sky and white boats that I couldn’t resist taking a photo.


I was on my way to the main area of the bivouac when I saw a row of huge sunflowers growing along the pathway. I was surprised to see these since it was really hot on the Sahara Desert but they were growing radiantly facing the sun. Some may consider this a weed but to others it is what it is – a flower, a sunflower.


The aerial view of Pampanga, pretty isn’t it?

I will always associate green as a color of nature. A color of peace and harmony. I was riding a hot air balloon in Pampanga, Philippines when this photo was taken. This is such a stunning shot for me because it captured the beauty of nature with the moon hovering the countryside as the sun was rising.


The clouds were a bit gloomy and it was a bit windy. Quite nice actually.

When I think of the color blue, the first thing that comes to my mind are the people of the Sahara Desert. They wear a turban to protect themselves from the sun and from the sand during sandstorm. The turban and their clothes are blue in color to help them stay cool even under the intense heat of the sun.

I hope you guys enjoyed my photos. Feel free to drop by my website and check my other posts. 🙂

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Photo of the Day – Donkey Parking

During market day in Rissani, people come from different places to either buy or sell some goods like vegetables, spices or animals. Most of the people come riding a donkey, a horse or vehicles. It was pretty neat to see a Donkey Parking Space at the market that I couldn’t help myself and took a picture of it. A curious donkey was looking at me while I was taking this shot. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Sunset at Volubilis

Volubilis is a well-preserved Roman ruins located near Meknes in Morocco and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was once an important colonial town during the Roman period and even served as the capital during the Idrisid dynasty. This shot was taken as the sun was setting and making a beautiful backdrop of the ruins.

Photo of the Day – Rissani Man

This is Hisham. He works as a tour guide in Rissani, Morocco. The souks in Rissani are full of action every Thursday because it is their market day and people come to sell their goods like spices and goats. This was taken during our tour around the kasbah where some of the Berber families live. As we were going through one of the alleyways, the natural light from the sun was able to give this dramatic effect when he was explaining about the history of the place.