Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

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Something inside me changes every time I travel. A new experience makes me appreciate life’s beauty and I feel so lucky given the chance to experience a new culture. The curiosity in me is satisfied when I learn about the history of the place and how the people coped up with the challenges thrown their way. We may come from different countries, different religions, different beliefs and cultures but we are all the same in a way – trying to find that one thing that makes our world a better place.


Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

The year 2012 was pretty exciting for me. I was able to finish my master’s degree, find work abroad and still get to squeeze in a bit of travel time. I had fun reminiscing on all the things that happened in my life for the past 12 months and choosing the pictures that best represent each month.

Here’s my 2012 in pictures. Enjoy!

Photo of the Day: Happy Holidays!


I have been lazing off this holiday season. Blame it on everything that involves the holidays – shopping, gift wrapping, online games, parties, food and booze. I am still in the middle of my holiday and enjoying it immensely. I hope everybody is enjoying their holiday as well. Happy Holidays everybody!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

I am grateful for everything that comes into my life – good or bad. The good things make life bearable and the bad things teach me lessons to make me a better person.

I am most thankful for the opportunity to travel, for finishing my masters degree, for my dream job and for friends and family who never cease to support me in my decisions.

I make it a habit to appreciate what I have, not just on Thanksgiving but everyday of my life. It keeps me grounded and makes life worthwhile. Cheers!!!

Why I Photoblog

Photoblog is a form of sharing pictures using the format of a blog. I initially didn’t plan to do a daily photoblog on my website. My plan then was to blog about my travels and the photos that comes with it. I still have the same goal as of this writing. However, it was pretty challenging to me to come up with a whole article in one sitting so I ended up only posting a couple of blogs per month. I am that slow in organizing the write-ups even when I have tons of idea in my mind.

A Turn of Events

After I posted My Sahara Desert Experience, inspired me to be more creative because I got motivated when fellow bloggers would liked my post and leave a comment. Then a brilliant idea hit me. I can continue blogging without stressing myself too much by posting a photo daily in my website. It started the ball rolling!

Challenges Along The Way

I didn’t say it was too easy. There missed posting on some days because I was traveling (I don’t have wifi all the time). There are days that I don’t know which photo to post. Or that it takes me a long time to decide which one to post. And a much longer time to come up with the story that comes with the photo. But it did work and I still continue to photoblog up until this day (hurrah!). Comments and likes from fellow bloggers still makes me smile and I feel lucky that I belong to the WordPress blogging community. 🙂

Upping the Ante

Now, I am challenging myself to post an article weekly to stir up my creativity. This week I joined the Weekly Writing Challenge for inspiration on what to write (yey!) and I’ll think of something creative for next week. Cheers!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Happy. It is the one thing that everybody wants to achieve. It is something that I also want in my life – to be happy. These are the stuff that makes me happy – photography, traveling, exploring new places and cultures, food, the beach, flowers and soda or cola. Using the new gallery format, here are my photos for this challenge. Enjoy!

Photo of the Day – Nomadic Life

Nomads have no fixed houses and they move from place to place according to the season.  They move to search for food, water and grazing land for the cattle. The Sahara Desert nomads live in a tent made out of thick wool to protect themselves from the heat of the sun, the sand and the wind. They may live in a tent and move around but there’s no place like home. And home, for the nomads, is the Sahara Desert.