Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

This photo was taken by my sister at the Angkor Wat.

It took a heartbreak to rediscover my love for traveling. From traveling, I rekindled my interest for photography. From photography, I was inspired to blog. My blog is where I share my travel adventures, new experiences and collection of photographs. What better way to share your traveling experience than with photographs?

I have discovered a lot of things about myself while doing photography and traveling. I become open to other cultures and it totally changed my view of life. I also became a wise spender by buying only the things I need and saving the rest of my money for future travel plans. My love for photography and traveling has inspired me to follow my dream of living and working abroad. I am currently immersed in a new culture and I am loving every single bit of it. Life is an adventure so enjoy the journey. It makes the ride worthwhile. 🙂


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