Why I Photoblog

Photoblog is a form of sharing pictures using the format of a blog. I initially didn’t plan to do a daily photoblog on my website. My plan then was to blog about my travels and the photos that comes with it. I still have the same goal as of this writing. However, it was pretty challenging to me to come up with a whole article in one sitting so I ended up only posting a couple of blogs per month. I am that slow in organizing the write-ups even when I have tons of idea in my mind.

A Turn of Events

After I posted My Sahara Desert Experience, inspired me to be more creative because I got motivated when fellow bloggers would liked my post and leave a comment. Then a brilliant idea hit me. I can continue blogging without stressing myself too much by posting a photo daily in my website. It started the ball rolling!

Challenges Along The Way

I didn’t say it was too easy. There missed posting on some days because I was traveling (I don’t have wifi all the time). There are days that I don’t know which photo to post. Or that it takes me a long time to decide which one to post. And a much longer time to come up with the story that comes with the photo. But it did work and I still continue to photoblog up until this day (hurrah!). Comments and likes from fellow bloggers still makes me smile and I feel lucky that I belong to the WordPress blogging community. 🙂

Upping the Ante

Now, I am challenging myself to post an article weekly to stir up my creativity. This week I joined the Weekly Writing Challenge for inspiration on what to write (yey!) and I’ll think of something creative for next week. Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Why I Photoblog

  1. I am noticing that once I started posting photos with my blog posts, it has become a regular thing. Now, I am finding I need to try and stay away from the photos sometimes and just write a blog post. But, all in all WordPress is something I am really enjoying. Great post!

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